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Horseback Riding

Camp Deer Creek offers our special English riding program, featuring the following areas of horsemanship:


  • Hunt Seat Equitation 

  • Pleasure riding 

  • Elementary jumping

  • Grooming and showmanship

  • Care of horse and tack



Horseback riding lessons are conducted in small groups and last between 20 (for Crickets and Braves) and 45 (for Pioneers and up) minutes. Our lessons cover all aspects of horsemanship–– from a child's first meeting with a horse to jumping and cantering, with everything in between. We also train our campers in horse and tack care.

The cost for our horseback riding program is $45.00 per lesson.


In order to ride, a camper must bring long pants and sturdy boots with a well-defined heel. Tennis shoes and rain boots are not permissible. You should send your camper with their riding clothes and boots every day until they have completed their allotment of lessons for the full camp year. If they are listed to ride and do not have their clothes with them, it is possible that there will not be room in the schedule to make up that day’s lesson. If there is an issue with daily clothes transportation, let us know and we can help make other arrangements. 


The variance in the number of riders over the course of the camp year means that the distribution of lessons may not adhere perfectly to a distribution of one per week (i.e. a camper may ride twice one week and then not ride the next). Additionally, the risks of poor weather and other factors mean that our riding schedules are not made until the morning of each camp day. Unfortunately, this means we will not be able to provide your camper's riding schedule to you ahead of time–– please send them with their equipment every day until they have had all of their lessons.

We do our very best to ensure that we provide every lesson that has been requested and paid for over the course of the full camp year. If we are unable to fulfill the full number of lessons ordered for your camper, a refund will be provided at the end of the summer. 

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